Use of grease


1. Appropriate amount

If the amount of grease is too large, the friction torque will increase, the temperature will increase, and the grease consumption will increase; if the amount of grease is too small, the reliable lubrication will not be obtained and dry friction will occur. Generally speaking, the appropriate amount of grease is 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 of the total volume of the bearing clearance.

Estimation formula: q = 0.005 x D x B

Q -- filling quantity, unit: G

D -- outer diameter of bearing, unit: mm

B -- bearing width, unit: mm

2. Do not mix different brands of lubricating grease

Because the thickener, base oil and additives used in lubricating grease are different, the mixed use will cause the change of colloidal structure, increase the score oil, change the consistency, mechanical stability and so on.

3. Pay attention to the grease change cycle and the management of the use process

Pay attention to the regular filling and replacement of lubricating grease. When the new grease is added, the waste lubricating grease shall be extruded until the new grease is seen at the grease discharge port. The greasing process must be kept clean to prevent the mixing of mechanical impurities, dust and sand.