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Silicone defoamer

Silicone defoamer

Efficient and flexible            

Organosilicon defoamer has different components and forms, including compounds, self dispersing defoamer, emulsion, powder and liquid. It can provide different properties for different application fields.           

Ideal for a variety of applications           

Organosilicon defoamer is an opaque or slightly turbid oil like viscous liquid, which is mainly suitable for systems with little or no water content. The compound can be used alone or in combination with suitable formulation components such as surfactants.            

The self dispersing organosilicon defoamer is composed of defoamer compound, organic active agent and assistant. When they contact with foaming formula, they will disperse automatically and have good compatibility and spread.            

Organosilicon defoaming emulsion is O/W emulsion, which is mainly composed of defoamer compounds whose content ranges from 5% to 50%. They are mainly suitable for waterborne formulations and applications.            

Organosilicon defoaming powder is very suitable for powder products such as powder detergent. 

Silicone oil has excellent defoaming properties in anhydrous and nonpolar systems. They are suitable for applications where there is no requirement for compatibility with other substances.

Application scope

Skin and hair care                 Papermaking                       Wind energy


Metal forming                   Rubber and Plastic               Spin


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