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Silicon wax

Silicon wax

Wax with organosilicon properties

Silicone wax is a kind of polydimethylsiloxane with different melting points which can be obtained by modification. It has both the properties of organic wax and the typical properties of organosilicon.

Hydrophobicity and chemical structure      

Silicone wax is a kind of polydimethylsiloxane modified by long face alkyl group. The melting point of the modified polydimethylsiloxane depends to some extent on the length of the alkyl chain and the number of alkyl groups, and its performance is similar to that of the typical hydrocarbon wax.

Silicon wax not only has the properties of organic wax, such as hydrophobicity and wax texture, but also has the typical characteristics of silicon, such as wetting ability and good sensory properties.

Therefore, they are very suitable for all kinds of Western medicine lubrication and must be solid to liquid applications. Silicone wax can be used as an oil and wax ingredient for skin creams and creams, or for cosmetics that can improve skin quality. In addition, silica wax can help optimize the distribution of pigments and sunscreen additives, and accelerate the diffusion of tear and active ingredients. For example, the textile industry often uses silicon wax to treat leather, so as to provide good long-term protection and excellent hydrophobicity for leather.

Application scope

Skin and hair care                 Papermaking                       Wind energy


Metal forming                   Rubber and Plastic               Spin


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