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Silicone Fluid Emulsions

Silicone Fluid Emulsions

Readily dilutable with water

Silicone fluids are often used in the form of aqueous emulsions. As these can be readily diluted with water, small amounts of the substance can be uniformly distributed on substrates.

Macroemulsions and microemulsions

There are basically two types:

1¡¢Macroemulsions with particle sizes from 100 nm to several ¦Ìm, usually opaque, i.e. milky.

2¡¢Microemulsions with particle sizes less than 100 nm. These are usually clear or opalescent.

To provide a stable silicone emulsion, the surfaces of the fluid droplets are covered with surfactants (emulsifiers).

The lipophilic or oil-loving ends of the emulsifier are oriented toward the oil droplet. The hydrophilic ¨C water-loving ¨C centers provide solubility in water.

Application scope

Skin and hair care                 Papermaking                       Wind energy


Metal forming                   Rubber and Plastic               Spin


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