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Linear silicone oil

Linear silicone oil

Resistant and rugged

A key advantage of silicone fluids is their excellent thermal and thermooxidative resistance. More precisely, they are resistant to temperatures ranging from -60 to +300¡ãC. Silicone fluids are much more stable than organic polymers toward electromagnetic and particle radiation (UV, alpha, beta and gamma radiation). They also have numerous other advantages.

Benefits and application areas of silicone fluids

Silicone fluids possess

1¡¢Extremely low volatility

2¡¢Excellent shear stability

3¡¢Low surface tension, and

4¡¢Optimum water repellency.

Silicone fluids have no known harmful effects and are transparent liquids that have no taste or odor. Their viscosities lie between 0.65 and 1,000,000mm2/s, depending on the type. Since there are only very weak intermolecular forces between the individual methylsilicone chains, they are liquid over wide ranges of their molecular weight.

Application scope

Skin and hair care                 Papermaking                       Wind energy


Metal forming                Rubber and Plastic            Spin


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